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Hi All,

  I'm reaching out for advise on the topic of accredited schools. I personally feel very strongly that accreditation is crucial but I see many school popping up, and have to think to myself, "how important is it really" I would love some insight from other professionals. Did you attend an accredited school, or maybe not? What experience have come about as you continue in your massage career? Please feel free to share, I think its a great topic to open up about!

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Same here. The dvd for it is on amazon. It won't be on English amazon, though.

Gary W Addis, LMT said:

I'd love to watch the entire video.

Gordon J. Wallis said:

You want to watch the Kyusho first aide video.  You have to scrole down a bit to find it.  You cant really learn from that clip because its just advertising for his DVD.  

Epiphany Hawkins said:

Nice. I'm sure the pressure points he is using to show as demos are also used to relieve pain in massage too, correct? As far as I can tell (I'm looking at multiple videos on martial arts) they're working along the meridian lines.

You can find the DVD at this site if you are interested.

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