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Your Massage Business website can be a major source of getting clients.  To do that it has to be found for the keywords - massage your city on the first page of results.  Ideally the top of the page is the best.  But even after you get your website to that position you also have to have a website that is filled with content about what you do and how massage works. 

What people want to know is can you help them with whatever issue or problem they have.  Having a lot of information about massage and what it does can help them in beginning to trust you right from the start.  Also people who are more interested in information are often more serious about their health and have a higher potential to be a regular client.

The basic process of building a website is this:
  1. Research keywords to find out what people are searching for
  2. Use the keyword research to choose the best domain name for your website
  3. Use the keyword research to create pages
  4. Learn about search engine optimization for your pages (metatags)
  5. Submit your website to the top search engines.  Using an xml sitemap is best.
  6. Write content until your practice is full
  7. Have an email newsletter for people to sign up for
  8. Have a Facebook Fan page for people to follow you
  9. Use feeds on the main page of your website to announce daily appointment openings
  10. Use your website to make additional money while you do massage or create another site on a topic like low back pain or some common injury or disease that you are an expert in.
So what challenges are you having in getting clients from your website?

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I am a new graduate of Heritage college in Little Rock, I need help in getting clients, and operating a business, a web site would be very helpful, I just need help in developing one.


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