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Hello~  I'm looking for help with getting chair massages started for a law enforcement agency that I already have connections to. 

What type of contract do I need? 

Is the standard $1 a minute? 

Can you still ask for tips?

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi.  Years ago I did chair massage work for someone else, and eventually considered starting a chair massage business as an employer.  I had an attorney draw up the contract for that about 15 years ago, but I never started that type of business as a side venture.  I can't recall what was in the contract and don't have access to it currently (I'm sure it is somewhere, but my office recently flooded and I am still unpacking a few boxes... so who knows where it is or when it will show up. ;) )

$1 per minute is low in my estimation, unless you typically make $60/hour for a massage session.  Keeping in mind that you should be getting paid for the number of hours you are standing in that business, not just the hands-on time.

If you are on a contract, you should not ask for tips.  The company will be paying for the employees sessions and they should never feel like they are being asked to pay for anything out of their pocket in a scenario where the company is paying for the perk.

Hope that helps.

Found it:

I had a "Service Agreement" contract created - agreeing to provide Corporate Chair Massage to the client's employees (persuant to the terms set out).

The contract covered:

Terms of Agreement (for the periof of however many months from date of execution.  And termination needed 30 days written notice from either party.

There was a set of Definitions:  Some were: I would provide no more than 20 massages in a work day; employee was seated and fully clothed, massage provided in a room with noise level lower than the employees work place and room temperature was according to workplace.  It also discussed that the work was Therapeutic Massage for reducing stress and which areas of the body would be worked.  In this section, it was also documented that the therapist held a valid license.

There was a Standard Agreement with the services to be provided set out in a Schedule Form "A". (Form A discussed the location, date and scheduled time of service, along with the total fee).  At that time I charged $85/hour and fees were to be paid by the company on a monthly basis.  Fees were due, if I was on site, rather the employee chose to get their massage or not.  It also mentioned that if I failed to arrive, no fee was due. It was also noted that I would not work between Dec. 24 and Jan. 1 and mentioned me by name as the therapist working (additional therapists would only be added upon the written consent of the client).  Client agreed to provide appropraite work area for the therapeutic massage.

There was a Supervision and Verification clause - I would keep a list with the name and signature of each employee to whom services had been provided and send a copy of the list to the client each month and that I would *not* maintain patient records for the Corporate Chair massage work.  Access to premesis was discussed.

Modification clause - modifications must be handled with written agreement.

Limitation of work relationship between client and myself - if I had an employee who quit or was let go, the client would not hire that former employee to render services as a contract massage therapist for a period of 6 months.

Liability and Insurance clause -  Agreeing that I kept insurance coverage.

Dispute Resolution clause - Arbitration information.

Severability clause - If part of Agreement is determined to be illeagal or uninforceable, the rest of the Agreement remained in full force.

Governing Law clause - Agreement was governed by my state.

Headings clause - Headings in Agreement didn't affect the interpretation of Agreement.


Hope this helps.

Thanks!  Just the guidance I needed 

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