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Jenny - Thank you for your response. It was very kind of you to say that my statements were well put after I had been very critical of your previous post.

To respond to your question about taking credit - I have encountered that claim by 'energy workers' before, i.e., that they don't actually cause the healing but merely enable the body to enact its own healing processes. I do not see any clear distinction between whether a treatment of any kind should 'get the credit' for healing, or whether it 'permits the body to heal.'

We could just as easily say that the cardiothoracic surgeon who reconstructed my Mom's aorta last year didn't heal her - he merely created the conditions that will permit her to go on living.

A treatment either works - the person gets benefit from it - or it doesn't - the person doesn't get benefit from it or even gets worse from it.

Thanks again for your gracious reply. I appreciate it.

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