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Hadn't heard of this until this weekend at the NC Convention. Looked it up

and sure enough.... what do you think?

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Massage by little Minnow like fish. It just does not appeal to me.
Wow, I try to keep an open mind....but that one might take some time to absorb. Seems a bit creepy. I might be convinced to stick my feet in some time. In the picture those fish did seem drawn to feet.
Ewww! I read about this a year ago somewhere on the Internet and it can be very unsanitary if the water is not changed between each person. I'll try to find a link and post it later. Nibbling fish don't creep me out as much as I would be wondering how many other pairs of feet had been in the tank before mine! LOL
The main concern at the convention I heard was, " How do you sanitize the fish after each application?"
I saw both the snake massage and the fish pedicure on the Today show. I thought the snake massage was a waste of money. The fish though...I'm intrigued. I hate having my feet scrubbed or razored. The fish might be less tickling. But the sanitation laws here in TN bar any salon from using the fish. Guess I'll have to go back to Chicago.
Kelly G in TN
The thing that frightens me the most about this is what if one swam in to the the place where sand gets when your on the beach all day?SCARY!!

Alex Frigino MT said:

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