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I'm curious to know how many therapists really write out SOAP notes for their clients.  If you do take notes, how do you go about crafting a plan for your clients - is it even worth your time if you're not sure the client is going to come back?


I run a website MassageCRM with the goal of making it easy to record SOAP notes, but I also aim to make it effective to do so.  I wonder if some therapists don't take notes or don't go back and refer to them later - and if so, I'd like to know why.

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Well, if you work in a chiropractic office or medical clinic of some kind. You will have to document your work

I love this site!!! That was a question I have been wanting to know about for a few months now. I soon will be a new LMT out in this world and want to get insider info from all of you seasoned vets. Thanks so much for sharing.....:)

Hi Bob!  I don't know how much help this thread is - some of us take notes, some of us don't, and some of us used to and quit!  But hopefully it at least gives you some idea for how to decide what's right for you.

Good luck with your massage career!

Thanks Therese:

We are taught in school to do SOAP notes. I do see the value in them and I will do the notes on clients that are regulars. I think it is the only way to track progress of your clients wellbeing. Those hit and run clients I think are not worth the time to make notes. I am excited to start my career, so I will be checking in with all of the seasoned pros on this site for insight and help..

We'll be glad to help any way we can!

I practice Aston-Kinetics (AKA Aston-Patterning®) which has a palpation system and simple double sided body mapping chart which I use every session, I document what is going on for them, where they are tight, sequence and any movement I do.  It really takes only a few minutes and gives me a plan for the session and future ones. This makes me a better and more accurate practitioner.  Not as helpful if you are just giving relaxation massages, but I think essential for figuring out more complex, pain related issues with your clients. 

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