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In reviewing the second draft of the MTBOK Phase 1, I've noted quite a bit of things that I found to be, well, not representative of how I view the profession---not that I have the right to dictate others thoughts, but I did note something important.....When the First Draft was released, I chose to discuss my thoughts on sites such as this one, in conversations with fellow MT's and further---made notes for myself.  What I DIDN'T do is forward the comments to the task force.  Big Mistake!!!!  So, rather than have lengthy discussions on blog posts, phone calls, etc., I'm going to send comments to the task force on every single line that I find to be of concern.  I hope that everyone else does the same......600 responses came in last time---there are over 250,000 licensed MT's in this country----and we have the audacity to complain about what our organizations and associations are doing????? 

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Very few will do this Angela. Audacity has little to do with it. Lack of knowledge about the subject and others feeling they will be ignored by the major stake holders involved, as they have on many issues in the past, does. I have heard from so many therapists that don't feel their input means anything. Many of those that did make suggestions are checking to see if their recommendations were included in this 2nd draft. So far, I have heard comments like, "It's the same BOK again", "Only some of the terminology has been changed" and "What's different?" I wish Chip Hines would do a video online that would explain the changes. That would help.

First, thank goodness for ABMP and this effort on their part to let therapists know about this. And for giving them this format to respond to and about the BOK.

Of the 250,000, only 4,733 (as of this writing) are on this site. Only about 500 of them actually visit this site more than twice a week. Therapists in general do not like to argue. The BOK discussion, on this site before, was a back and forth that accomplished little and basically ended "a draw". Those that participated decided to wait for the 2nd draft to make more comments.

Over half of the industry knows nothing about this at all. They just want to be left alone and for things to stay as they are. I know, nothing stays the same, everything is constantly changing. This situation reminds me of election time, every four years. Most do not participate. But decisions will be made and therapists will complain. Those that participate will at least feel they were part of the process or feel ignored.

There needs to be some way to reach therapists, not in associations. I would think this could be accomplished through the state boards that license these folks. Otherwise, half of the profession will never know what is going on. And there are even more important issues coming up soon. If the stakeholders really want more input, they have the power and addresses to let the entire industry know.
Angela I printed off my copy of the 2nd Draft last evening. I have not read it yet. If I was not on this site I would not know what was going on in the massage world. I visit here daily and have met some really helpful folks who have kept me informed on what is going on. I am truly grateful for them. I also read the first Draft and did not send in my commenys. I posted them here. So will see what happens the second go round. Thank you for your leadership!
I reviewed the first draft and sent in comments, and I just did it yesterday for the second draft. And you are right on the money, Angie, it has NO effect to talk about it here unless you send those comments to the task force. We can cuss and discuss it here all day long, but that's not the protocol, and if you don't go comment on the website, you might as well not talk about it at all.

I see this complacency all the time. I take the criticism for some of the things I write in my blog. But I feel that people need to be informed of what's going on. If it affects me, my ability to practice massage, the laws in my state, my license or my certification, or my membership in an organization, I want to know about it, and I will exercise my right to complain.

There are still states that don't HAVE state boards--but there are therapists in those states who are members of the associations and who are NCB because they have sought that as a way to stand apart as professionals. If if becomes the domain of state boards to inform everyone of what's happening on a national level, you can look for your license fee to go up. They can't do it anyway. They would all have to hire a government liason just to keep up with what's going on. And thank God that the organizations have such people. Jean Robinson does it for ABMP. Sally Hacking does it for the Federation. AMTA tracks legislation in every state and updates it on their website frequently. The hundreds of pieces of legislation they have reported on and been involved in is archived on the website.

You're right, Mike...people don't vote and then they whine when things aren't going their way. I KNOW my input means something. I may not get what I want, but I will get the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't sit there doing nothing, and that I have been heard. And I don't just do it on the blog. I send emails and faxes and make phone calls. If you are a stakeholder, you have every right to be heard, and you should exercise it. My state legislators know me--because I contact them and state my opinion. When I disagree with something our board is doing, I state my opinion. When I'm dissatisfied with any of the organizations, and I belong to all of them, I state my opinion. I pay my money, and these people work for me, not the other way around. I don't feel ignored, because I refuse to be ignored. If I have to go have a seizure on the legislature floor, I'll do so in order to be heard.

When people do nothing, the result is nothing. As for having a lack of knowledge about the subject, the word has been spread here on this website and many others, I have personally cast it far and wide on FB and Twitter, I've seen others doing the same, and it has been publicized by AMTA, ABMP, FSMTB, MTF, and NCBTMB. Our state board's secretary has sent it out on email. You can't be informed if you don't take the time to read it.

As for the video, that's not a bad idea. I bet Ryan would make him one for free. Send Chip Hines that suggestion, Mike!

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