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i am pending approval for CE class instruction and thus am having a 8 hour CE ncbtmb, pre-approval class this sat, in cary, NC.  I have posted in 2 places and it was removed.  I am unfamiliar with the process on here and would love some input...thanks

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The approved places to advertise are listed in the community guidelines at Your options are:

* On your own page, you can list your offerings and a "for more information" website link, but do not include prices.
* You can blog about your offerings, as this is optional for readers, but again, please do not include prices.
* Defer from sending direct messages and/or group emails to groups or site members promoting your offerings. This will be considered spam.
* And finally, please do not include your offerings as a forum topic or group discussion, or create a group based on your advertising agenda.

Thanks for your understanding, we try very hard to keep these forums clutter-free, and advertisements/promotions greatly detract from the quality of discussion. For this reason we always try to contact the individual and remove the postings as they are brought to our attention, and fortunately these efforts have helped to reduce the amount of advertising--but as always, we appreciate everyone's help in bringing these issues to our attention as they come up!


Abram Herman
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