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I am about 4 months along in my pregnancy and have a lot issues and problems especially with my back and need some tips on working while i am pregnant. I have been getting chiroprcatic adjustments but they are not holding for very long.

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I also worked while pregnant with my 2nd child. I was VERY sick so I had to cut back regardless, but I think that is the key. Just cut back the number of clients you see in a day and pay very close attention to your body mechanics. You may find yourself standing in ways you never would before to work around your belly but as long as you keep keep everything straight it helps. Of course you will have aches and pains no matter what (just part of being pregnant) but stretch after every client. I found myself stretching as soon as I left the room while waiting for them to dress. It helped a lot. AND.....get massaged yourself! :)
Greetings Leah!

I practiced my massage up to 6 months. I would have gone longer but I was in car accident. Everything was fine baby was great but my back was hurt. I took it easy and did less massages. I found that I did better if the sessions were less than hours and just relaxation and swedish massage or just feet. Watch your body mechanics. I rasied my table to help with my back. My massages haven't been as hard pre-baby but they have gotten creative and more relaxing. I'm preg now so if you have any questions we can chat and swap ideas! One thing that really helped GET A MASSAGE and stretch.

Hi Leah,
There's an article from Massage & Bodywork on this topic, now posted online in the ABMP Members section on Log in and go to (or just search "practicing massage while pregnant" in the search box at the top of the Members section. Be sure to click the button in front of "Articles from Massage & Bodywork").
I worked right up to my due date. I actually had clients scheduled the day delivered. I think the key was really to stay fit during the pregnancy with regular exercise and to get massages (which we should be doing regardless). I also raised my table a bit. I also wore a maternity belt when I got a bit larger just for extra support.

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