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Music therapy for pregnant
Written by Carlos Dan

Today, the stress is to talk about a huge number of ills associated with it. During pregnancy, stress is present in a much greater extent than in other periods, and can also cause damage doubled since now not only the mother suffers the consequences, but also suffers the fetus.

During pregnancy a mother is much more stressful because it must deal with a lot of concerns, among which is the health of her fetus. Therefore, eliminate stress during pregnancy is crucial, for the stress and worry because your baby is well, the mother produces the opposite effect sought in their health. Music is an excellent tool for this.

Research carried out in Taiwan by Taiwan University and led by Dr. Chung-Hey has shown that moms who listen to relaxing music 30 minutes per day during pregnancy reduce their levels of stress and depression to a significant extent, what which positions the music therapy as a viable alternative to eliminate stress in pregnancy.

Were 236 pregnant women who participated as volunteers in the study and after having carried out the experiment, all were diagnosed with a considerable decrease in their levels of stress, panic and depression.

Music therapy is not only acting individually, is that art therapy can also be implemented jointly. Pregnant women may attend music therapy groups of pregnant women in dance and music that collectively can intensify the power of music therapy applied individually.

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This is too cool! I've heard of pregnant women siging during pregnancy and how that is soothing to the baby. Thank you J!
I did a pre-natal massages just yesterday. Baby due Jan 11. It was so much fun. Mama let me work her feet as she is ready. She loved the whole experience of the massagfe and the music etc. We had to be a couples room so we had extra space and that just added to the whole experience. Music is very important in a pregnacy massage especially the last few weeks when relaxation is next to impossible.
when I was pregnant with my second son I became really into tropical sounds and Islander type music. I purchased a lot of music and created my own 70 minute compilation for use in relaxation and gave it to my massage therapist to use in our sessions. I found this music to be very soothing as I could imagine tropical beaches, palm trees, mangoes and melons with my very own little steel drum band playing in the background. The visualisation I used throughout my pregnancy assisted me through those big contractions in labor. And turns out that my son has a real affinity to music and percussion instruments, especially drums.
Thanx all for your comments! :o)
yes i agree with this music heals and as there are 2 spirits in one body this gives more balancing effect too i have been working with Chakras and sounds.....

We've had a few soon-to-be moms coming through and using our music tracks during their pregnancies.  I didn't know that we would have interest there, but I'm glad that the music is helping new babies to relax, even before they are born.


It's an interesting idea that if you can play music which calms the mother during pregnancy, and the baby inside associates that music with a calm state before it is born, then even after the baby is born, the baby will still associate the music with a calm state.  The same music played during pregnancy might work to calm a child after it's born.  What do you think?

Thanks for posting about this!

Jonathan Kraft, CMT

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