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Seems like everyone has been under a lot of stress lately.

I'd like to hear what you like most about your profession and what you like least.

One word answers or long stories are all welcome.

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I love seeing a client's SOAP and being able to chart their progress. It's amazing how much people can improve when you hold them accountable for it.

I DON'T like always having short nails. No more french tips for me. :(
I love helping people feel better. I love finding new "tricks" for a problem (getting better ROM, getting rid of pain). I love the interesting people I meet, especially the ones with fascinating stories (some clients just love to chat, I go with the flow of whatever the client wants, talking or no talking).

I hate (HATE) no-shows, last minute cancellations, and late clients. Doesn't happen often, but I get very annoyed when it does. Especially if I have made special arrangements for them. Sometimes yes, there are legitimate reasons why a client can't make it, and of course I understand those times, but I have had a couple occasions where the client acted like oops, sorry, can't make it maybe another time, totally unapologetic (sincerely) and acting like their time was so much more important than mine. Those people don't remain my clients.
I love all the instant positive feedback (not present in many jobs) and the freedom the work allows me. I hate the paperwork. I hate being kept down by The Man (eg new tax comes down on my head next July.)
I love meeting people from all walks of life, diffirent countries and hopefully stopping their pain. I love it when their face changes ! no longer racked with pain, they can smile so much more often, also their partners tell me they ain't so crouchy anymore.

Heck, I'd like to have a little moan about those good lookin girls that try to cancell late and not pay but I already met lots like you cuttie so bye bye . And maybe the days when I have 3 clients booked 9.30am 3pm 6,45pm ...I slipped up there didn't I.

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