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I was just curious to see which site get the best results like Facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.? And can you have to many accounts?

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I use facebook and have a tumblr page:
I just signed up on Angie's List. Like Yelp & Google, it seems like a great way for new clients to find me based on testimonials.

You make a good point. Interactivity is the most important part of any social account or web site. so as much as we can have a fan page, if people aren't interacting with it, then it will not be at the top of the news feeds for your fans. I like your ideas of questions. However, i might go one step further and offer $5 off raffle to be pulled from all those that answer a question. that way it encourages the client to take the time to read and answer.


I also have my facebook page linked to my web site so that my web site will continue to get hits and bump up higher in the rankings.

Rajam K Roose said:

Kris made an excellent point about mt's posting things that would only be of interest to other mt's. Almost all FB business pages I've seen is geared toward other mt's.  You have to post topics that are relevant to the client. Another thing about FB business page is that just because you post something on your business page doesn't mean that your posts will not necessarily go to the news-feed of your fans. You have to have active participation, the more participation the more likely your page will show up in your fan base news-feed. One way participation can be encouraged is by asking questions or starting discussions that garner interest amongst your fans.

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