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The art of getting backlinks to your massage website is an important part of getting your website found.  Backlinks are links from other sites that link to your massage website.  As I was thinking about
writing this post, I realized what it must seem like to people who
aren’t knowledgeable about websites and how they get found.  Who the
heck ever thought this up?  A spammy, scammy site could get traffic just
by creating a good solid backlinking campaign.
This is how it all works (from what I can gather- no one really knows for sure because the Search Engines won’t tell!)

Search engines send out  spiders to crawl webpages to find all of the words that people search for.  The search engines track what people search for. The crawlers create an index of websites on the internet so
that they can have a database to work from when people do a search. 
That is why the searches are able to give such fast results.  It doesn’t
go looking for sites when you do a search.  It has already done that.  
Each search engine has their own rules (that know one knows) about how
they look at a website and decide which site to put in their results and
which ones to put on the top of the first page of results.

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