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Where is the best place to go for a massage therapist education, a community college or a trade school?

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My opinion, it doesn’t matter.  Go to the closest or least expensive school you can find.  

I mean sure.  There are probably some outstanding schools out there with fabulous facilities and fabulous teachers.  And maybe some of the other readers can’t point those schools out.

But bottom line.  I don’t care how good your school is.  You aren’t going to get proficient and effective until you’ve done maybe a thousand massages. Or maybe two thousand.  I just made those numbers up.  But what I’m saying is real learning takes a lot of practice.  You gotta fail, learn, innovate.  Over and over and over again.  Nothing is etched in stone.  Over time. You may end up doing stuff your teachers never did or told you not to do.  You gotta learn yourself.  There must be a kazillion reasons why your client/patient is burnt out, stressed, or hurt.  You have to adapt. The only way to get good is to start massaging. As many people as you cane(don’t hurt yourself though). Learn from your failures.  

Sure it’s great to go to some fantastic school. But the only way to get good is just doing it.  Start out at massage envy.  Why not? You hear all these bad stories and stuff.  But you’ve got instant clientele there.  You will be busy. You will learn.  Stay there a year or two.  Get good.  Then start looking for other opportunities that will get you more money with less work.  Just my opinion.

We have many places here in San Diego area, colleges for MT.

When you get the license, please contact us at  and try to work with us. 

First of all, find the school or join some type of course near you that provide the massage therapist education. If you are not able to find anyone then you can join the therapy center and learn from them. As the hand experience matters the most.

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