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What works best for you when seeking employment as a massage therapist?


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I am not sure what this question is asking. When I worked for Mike Hinkle and the Pensacola Massage Center, I was first a client, then student and last an employee.  It just happened. It was nice knowing I had a job once I graduated and received my license. This opportunity does not come by everyday.


When I began working for Massage Envy, I just went and applied, did their application process. Filled out the application, did the 50 minute massage and was hired. Now my experience with Massage Envy has just grown.

Craigslist has been helpful for me in the past. I  am now self-employed, though leasing space from a salon, an don't intend to move any time soon.

When seeking employment, I first and foremost went to my roots. I started massage in the very town my mother and father grew up. I became informed and involved in the chamber of commerce of that town and began networking with other businesses in the town. Business begins one individual at a time, one town at a time. I briefly interned with three lovely ladies. Soon, through the career advisor of the school I attended, the gentleman there set up an interview with a massage studio operated and owned by a massage therapist who at the time had been practicing over ten years. An amazing experience in professionalism and learning from the best. To say the least. Currently I'm not practicing. So in conclusion when seeking employment remember your community, search through like interests, join groups and commitees that share your drive and desire to prosper. Finally follow your heart, hands heal hearts.


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