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Hi Everyone,

I have a few succinct questions I'd like to pose here for others who are either actively cupping and using moxa in their practices or are
considering these as options:

1. Recognized training in cupping is available for bodywork professionals. Is there a recognized provider
for moxibustion training for bodyworkers?

2. Fire cupping, as I understand it, is NOT insured by any carrier in the United States. Is
this the case? What is your solution?

3. If fire cupping isn't covered due to liability exposure, wouldn't the same be true of moxibustion? What is your solution?



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1. There are two courses in moxibustion that are approved by the NCBTMB.

2. I don't know if that's the case; you would need to check directly with your insurance carrier. If fire cupping is not covered, how about vacuum cupping?
I'm an acupuncturist and those are covered under that license. Insurance companies are aware of the risks those modalities pose. Having said that, I never use them for practical reasons. You can get the same benefits without the risks.

Use suction cups instead of fire cups. A simple plastic set with pump handle is about $40. Here is a link,449,256664,o256664,,,Inv,searc...
A glass set with a pump is $120. Advantage of pump cups is that you can control the pressure as you apply it with the number of pumps used. It's much more comfortable for the patient and much safer.

Use Liquid moxa and a far infrared heat source like a TDP lamp or Biomat. Here's a link for the moxa

TDP lamps are okay but never leave the room when they are on. I had one catch on fire once. Fortunately I was in the room. They are made in China and sometimes quality control is an issue. Also, be prepared to buy a new one every couple years as they don't hold up well. Here is a link,347,256664,o256664,,,Inv,searc...

I prefer the Biomat as a far infrared heat source. Higher quality, longer lifespan, can cover the whole treatment table instead of just a small area like the TDP. Here is a link for info

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me directly through my website if you have questions.


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