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Comment by Robyn Hargrove on February 9, 2011 at 12:04am

I use Pandora for all of my massage sessions. It is awesome because not only do your clients get to pick their music, but you get to hear all kinds of new music.
I don't use Pandora for paid client sessions, but I do use it to find new music for playlists.  I wrote about this on another thread in the forums; since I just now found this music section, I thought I'd add my prior comments in quote form here, in case they are helpful to anyone.

A word about how I use Pandora:

I love Pandora, but I do not like to use Pandora stations for providing actual bodywork anyway, since you never know what kind of song will be next. Even with all of the years I have been working to tweaking my stations (I've provided links to all of my Pandora massage stations for you, just in case you want to look into those), I still get a wild stray in there that I just don't like. It can affect my concentration and flow when something like that comes on.

What I use Pandora for, is to find songs that I can put together into playlists.   So, I listen to it when I am doing computer things and check "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" accordingly.  I will also "thumbs up" some songs that I may not necessarily use in my own practice, but that may be useful for another therapist who has a different "ear" than I do, with the musical qualities falling into the genre I have created for each station.


I think the list below will give you all of the Massage Music Pandora Stations I have created (you may need to be signed in to your own Pandora account to listen to them --- and of course, you can share them with yourself to keep them, and then tweak as you find fits your own style).  Additionally, you can look at my profile on Pandora and find other stations I have created and a few I am pulling music from to give a bump to some of my original stations. "Bump stations" as I like to call them, will eventually disappear.




• Deep Relaxation Massage Music  


• Classical Massage Music  


• Water/Ocean Massage Music  


• Refreshing Tranquility Music  


• Mystical Journey Massage Music  


• Piano Massage Music  


• Asian Influence Massage Music  


• Native American Influence Massage Music  


• Spanish Guitar Massage Music  


• Christmas Massage Music  


• Vocal Massage Music  


• Jazz Massage - Light, Smooth &/or Tropical Massage Music (work in progress)  


• Blues Based Massage Music (work in progress)

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