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Hi everyone , 
I use essential oils every day in my massage practice and my home life . I swear by them and have allot of success with them . 
I would love to hear from other therapists what brand you prefer , your uses , what oils work best for you  with your clients and why ............ 
I have personally used several different makes of oils including my personal ones I have made . I have information about them on my website so my clients can see them for themselves . 
I would love to get going on this discusion so we can all learn from each other as to what is working in our practices.  

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Thank you for the invite,I look forward to learning from you Beulah.I feel confident that you are a fountain of information.
I buy my oils from I difusse different oils, Theives is my favorite to difusse as it kills everything. use mostly Lavender in my massage room here at home.

I only use (and have for 6-7 years) Eucalyptus. It is my absolute favorite!

I would love to know what some of your favorites are. Could you please share?

My most favorite is Basil, I use it in almost every blend I use.  I use lots of citrus and peppermint also.  I have severe allergies to lavender and eucalyptus so I can't use them.  I get my oils from, they are high quality and discounted.

Greetings Beulah,

I am using doTERRA CPTG essential oils.  They have a blend called Aroma Touch that I use during every massage I do.  It contains peppermint, cypress, basil, lavender, grapefruit & marjoram.  It's like instant zen.  In about 1-2 mintutes, my clients are zoned and in la-la land.  The oil blend is great for many different ailments, but specifically for inflammation and stress reduction.  They are the purest oils you can buy on the market today.  They are priced accordingly though, so I've been thinking about supplementing with another brand that's a bit more affordable.  Any advice?  I've had my eye on the Lotus Touch line that massage warehouse sells, since they are advertised as therapeutic grade.  What line/lines do you like to use?


I also use doTERRA.  After using many brands over the last 10 years, I am finding they are the best.  I offer the AromaTouch technique.  It is an amazing treatment!  I also use these oils at home.  I use Breathe and OnGuard the most, especially for my 5 year old :).

I use essential oils from Natural Options. I took an aromatherapy class that was given by the owner. He is very knowledgeable about the essential oils. I love their products. I use a lot of lavender, peppermint and citrus oils in my practice.


I use mostly auracacia, I like the quality but they're also the easiest to find in my area. I was recently introduced to doTERRA and I'm blown away at the quality of these oils. I hope to fill my collection with their oils but it will take a while because they're quite pricey (but worth it). I use a whole array of oils in my practice. It really depends on the client. I use German chamomile and rose on a lot of women, especially women entering menopause. I use camphor and frankincense a lot on men. I also work at a university and work on a lot of young clients. I like to use bergamot and other citrus oils on the younger women. I avoid any invigorating or energizing oils unless its at the very end of a session.

I love using Ginger essential oil in my professional, therapeutic massage practice.  There are lots of pre-blended therapeutic massage oils utilizing Ginger essential oil. I just purchased a great therapeutic massage oil entitled, "Muscle Relax," at a health food Co-op that utilizes Ginger essential oil.

For providers, I've used different ones in the past. I like and Recently i've been really please with the pricing and personal service I'm getting from Had an issue on one order and they immediately shipped out a reorder and through in extras. They make a custom blend for me that I use using ginger essential oil. Real nice.


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