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I have a new client who had a Laminectomy in the lumbar L4, L5 9 years ago.  The client is active and gets massage regularly, he prefers the deep tissue work. 


What are some tips on working with such a client?  Special stretches I can include in the massage maybe?  He gets 90 minute sessions each time he sees me.


Thanks for you help!

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My experience is that muscles that were severed from the bone may not reattach in the same spot.  This causes dis- coordinated movement.  One lady had a European vacation scheduled and I had three weeks to get her out of pain when she walked.  Her problem was more complicated because she had rods inserted from L5 to L1 on both sides.  

Having her do walking action on the table prone while I did deep palpation we were able to find the muscles that were firing at the wrong time or pulling the wrong direction.  With persistence her cerebellum learned to fire them correctly in there new positions.  She had a successful vacation and came back with les discomfort and better coordination than after the last session before she left.

The chiropractor taught me to call it Interactive Bodywork.  I hope this experience moves you to try it.


Hans Albert Quistorff, LMPAntalgic Posture Pain Specialist


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