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At 10:43am on April 16, 2013, Abram Herman said…

Glad to have you as an friend! :-)

At 11:48am on June 19, 2012, Linda LePelley, RN, NMT said…

Oh, that's Okay, Therese! I get busy, too. I enjoy reading your comments, take care! :)

At 1:21pm on May 18, 2012, Abram Herman said…

Hi Therese! Thanks again for your input, I was happy to be able to feature your comments in the latest Tell Me column.

Massage & Bodywork magazine goes out to about 84,000 readers--you can make your grandma proud! :-)


Abram at ABMP

At 12:34pm on January 25, 2012, Stephen Jeffrey said…

Thanks Therese, will deffinately  look into this as both courses are near to me.

At 3:54pm on January 24, 2012, Stephen Jeffrey said…

We've been friends a while, now its official :)

At 12:08pm on December 20, 2011, Daniel Cohen said…

Thank you Therese. The same to you and yours.

At 12:02pm on December 20, 2011, Daniel Cohen said…

Therese what scientific proof do you refer to for CST? If it is so why do evidence based therapists attack it with science? I just saw some recent studies attacking CST. Evidence based Therapists recently jumped on an article concerning a baby's death by a "supposed" CST practitioner. Do you know anything of it?

At 12:34am on November 29, 2011, Boris Prilutsky said…

Hi Therese.

It makes two of us. I also don't know how to properly use social media sites. I consider you a friend with out you pressing button, or myself will press except friendship. It  is okay.I am glad to be helpful, and hoping in future you will continue to like   my materials.will try hard.

Best wishes.


At 1:54am on May 13, 2011, Stephen Jeffrey said…

Til Luca is brill, I am doing training with Art Riggs next saturday!

Glad to hear you are making progress with your client but it sounds like your knee could do with a session or two of this technique:) give your swaps partner a session then get him/her to do the same for you, its the fastest way to learn and fix your knee at same time.

I replied here re scar tissue technique = it makes breaking the bonds (no matter how old) of scar tissue alot easier and pain free:)

At 5:29pm on May 5, 2011, Stephen Jeffrey said…

Hi Therese, yes we all had a great day here when William and Catherine were wed, but I think the rest of the world seams to have a even greater interest than we do.:)

Knee update, = I have slowley introduced routine as standard part of treatment due to cotinuined excellent feedback. Improved results for all hip and back pain clients but most of all cosmetically, in that female clients with constant anterior knee swelling (liquid) (1 treatment) and swelling (fibrosed, long standing) (3/4 treatments) is offering  permananent solutions/eradication and therefore phycological benifits of  confidence/clothing choices.

Who's DVDs are you referring too? I am doing a spinal mechanics course with Art Rggs v soon:)

Stecco's fascial manipulation does not make for light/easy reading (I have at times struggled greatly with its content)  as it details a 30 yr quest to unravel/explain  the fascia's sensory role in movement coordination. To begin to understand the theory of this book was an exciting unravelling of a masterpeice.


At 9:37am on April 29, 2011, Stephen Jeffrey said…

Hi Theres, glad to hear the technique is working well for you.

I can't think of a specific case of it helping release quads, but I am not suprised, as it seem's very effective at helping most knee problems and all the muscles working through the joint. With the knee now working at its biomechanical best it aids recovery for hip and ankle pain too.

I will be adding the anterior technique to the posterior knee technique blog soon, but till then  just focus on the anterior tendons and ligaments that cross the knee basically the same way as you are already doing and am sure you will get even better results.

If in your training you covered fascia in detail then you will be able to connect with why a technique like this can be so effective. If you feel you would like to know more about fascia then I have no hesitation in recommending this book by Luigi stecco.

you may or may not be able to purchase it easily in the USA.


The thing I love best about this routine/technique is you get to rest your knee's whilst fixing others :)
At 1:58am on April 27, 2011, Stephen Jeffrey said…
Hope all goes well with your knee pain client, anatomy wise I used to look at the knee as just the same as any other joint on our body.Now 12 yrs in I'm asking myself why its taken me so long to identify its crucial role, the forces to which it is subjected, and come up with a treatment method that is perfectly suitble to use on a top sprint cyclist or someone with swollen (arthritus) knee's.
At 2:23pm on March 26, 2011, Darcy Neibaur said…
Welcome Therese

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