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Here's an interesting marketing idea to help solidify your place as a hub in your community, to develop relationships with local business owners and to drive visitors to your Facebook Page.

I've called this campaign "Monday Marketing Madness". It's simple and it's best understood if you look at how I've executed this on my Facebook Page:

I did this last Friday and called it "FanFare Friday" and that particular Facebook post has received the most likes, shares and comments of any of my posts in the past two months and it brought more visitors to my Facebook Page.

Give this a try for your practice. I'd be very curious how this works for you. When you do the post, upload an image for a higher response. I've uploaded the image I used and you can use it if you like to do your own post. It's sized to fit the post dimensions exactly.

You may have to be proactive and contact a few local business owners directly to get the ball rolling,but I think once it's established, it will pretty much run itself if you do it consistently.

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