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Welcome to, a social network for massage and bodywork therapists. We’re glad you’re here, participating, and building the profession. We just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.

1. Practice respect. We all come from diverse backgrounds, different associations, various training programs, and with a wide range of expertise. We’re not always going to agree, but we’re all in this together. Please practice respect and compassion.

2. Pick the proper venue: Forums are for topic-based conversations and discussions. Consider using the search tool before starting a conversation. Your topic may already be in play. Blogs are for sharing personal stories, updates, and venting.
Groups provide opportunities to connect with other practitioners practicing your same modality, in your same locale, or who otherwise share a common interest. Please follow these guidelines regarding groups: A) Before establishing a new group, use the search tool to ensure a similar group hasn’t already been created. B) Groups should be unaffiliated in terms of professional association, as this network is nonpartisan. C) If a group remains largely dormant for 60 days it may be considered inactive and will be deleted.

3. Advertising is not permitted. All advertising/solicitation posts for products, services, or money will be removed—including multi-level marketing information. If someone is advertising, please report the issue. Understandably, you may want to get the word out regarding your offerings and services; Following are your options to do so:
* On your own page, you can list your offerings and a "for more information" website link, but do not include prices.
* You can blog about your offerings, as this is optional for readers, but again, please do not include prices.
* Defer from sending direct messages and/or group emails to groups or site members promoting your offerings. This will be considered spam.
* And finally, please do not include your offerings as a forum topic or group discussion, or create a group based on your advertising agenda.

4. This is a professional medium for professional practitioners. Inappropriate or illicit references to massage/bodywork will not be tolerated and will be removed. If someone is posting inappropriate material, please report the issue.

5. Please note! This is a public network, and—while you are able to adjust privacy settings on your Page (click Settings/Privacy)--any information you post in Forum discussions and Blog posts may be visible to anyone on the Internet, including current/potential clients, colleagues, employers, etc. Before you post anything, adjust your privacy settings appropriately, and make sure you’re okay with your public information being, well, public. 

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