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Hey Everyone, Just wondering if my fellow ABMP Friends are active on this Site? I have been with ABMP for 12 years and recently relocated my practice to start over again. It's been almost a year now and my new practice is off to a great start! I rely on the tried and true of practice-building with a mindset of staying open to change! BTW, I still love my work! Send a hello if you are out-there...


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Hello Cate,

Good news on your new practice, and welcome. There are lots of people active on the site, and many ABMP members. 

Hope you enjoy!


Hello Jed,

Thanks for responding! My good friend Bernita W introduced me to this site so thought I'd check it out!


Out there! 7 years a member :)

Hello Andrea,

I've been with ABMP since 1999. Just found this site and looking forward to connecting with other active members. I still love my work and have much enthusiasm for learning.

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