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My practice is mainly pro athletes and post-injury recovery clients. I came across the company Hyperice last year and their percussion massager "Hypervolt". This has been a game-changer in my practice and majority of my clients love it and it has helped me get better and faster results in many cases.

The best thing about Hyperice, it's easy to get a wholesaler contract with them so you can sell their products your self. And I have also created an extra service where clients can come in and use all the products.

Here is the link on my site so you can learn more about them and also my store page so you can see their retail prices.

if you have any questions about them or how to get the wholesaler contracts, email me on my site and I'll try to walk you through it.

Jake Walker LMT

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I also just ordered the Norma Tec unit. Which is used by the Saints and other pro sports teams. Hyperice recently bought the company and is another product you are able to wholesale through them. I'll have my unit by the end of next week if anyone wants me to review it. I'm getting their ICT units for the knee too for the first time. These are pretty cool ice compression units. They are some of the more affordable tech they offer so would be easier to sell for some people who might not work with affluent clientele.

I added the new items to my site

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