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Hello Therapists,

  The Driskill Hotel in Austin would like to offer a short (5-10 minute) free massage to their cleaning staff, but only one of their therapists has volunteered (she happens to be my lovely wife). I think this is a great thing for a company to do and a small thank you to a generally overlooked staff.  The Driskill needs 3 or 4 more therapists to volunteer 2 hours of their time to make this work.  I am asking any therapists in the Austin area to write to me if they are willing to volunteer on Monday, September 10 from 2-4pm - in return I will offer volunteers an extra 30-days free subscription to MassageCRM.  If you want to help, email me at and give me your name and contact info.

I would love to see this thing happen.  It's a wonderful gesture by the Driskill and I hate to see it wasted due to a lack of interest.


Jason Huie

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The hotel should be paying MTs to do this, or make it part of their contract to be a service provider at their hotel.


We have 28 events nationwide that week -- aka Housekeeping Appreciation Week -- and everyone one of them is paying us.  We only discount our partner hotels -- and we still make money on them -- and non-partner hotels are paying as much as $80 per hour plus tips.

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