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Kind of an open question but I really want to take my massage career to the next level and I fell becoming an educator would be an amazing fit for me.

I just wanted people advice, concerns, comments on the process....experiences....

Thanks guys! 


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Hi Courtney - I started teaching massage about 18 years ago.  I opened my own massage school and taught many different subjects and modalities.  Getting into other schools as an on staff instructor can be difficult.  I would start by going back to the school you graduated from.  Many schools only hire from their graduates, feeling that those are the people who understand their curriculum the best.  If that is not possible, you may have to apply to every school in the area and wait until they have an opening.  When you apply, make sure you have in mind several courses you would like to teach.  I now teach my CE modality around the country.  That is a whole different thing.  I run around getting approved by national organizations and individual states, partner with a variety of schools or go to an area because one of my grads is there and has garnered interest in our courses, and am trying hard to increase our internet footprint.  It is a lot of work, but worth it if you have something specialized to teach.

Hi again :-)

I would rather teach a CE modality around the country or just in the a few states.  I guess that's a whole different ball game!!  Kinda feel overwhelmed and no sure were to start but I know I would be great at it!  I specialize in kinesio taping and rehabilitation.

I travel so much that I didn't think it would be possible to work at a school.  I would love to but not sure that is an option.

thanks so much for the info!!!!!

You might contact some place like KTA and see if you can start as a TA.

We have a few volunteers that have gone this route. The ones that tend to do the best, while maintaining a good work life balance (this can get hectic like any other self driven business) have focused on just a handful of states, a few core specialties and have put in their time in building relationships, getting accredited and marketing. The repeat business seems to be self sustaining. You can add more if you want to grow, but then again scaleability becomes difficult. Something to consider before diving in full fledge. You can always of course hire other instructors and work on growing your relationships if you want to scale down the road.

Thanks Neal!  I decided to start a new course involving kinesio taping and specifically for massage therapist.  A little scary starting from scratch but I know if I start small and only work in chicago and arizona then maybe I can see what works and doesn't.  You are definetely on the money about building relationships and marketing.  I'm going through the process of becoming a nationally approved provider now.  

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