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Hey everyone...  I'm new to massage therapy and looking for help in developing a business plan. I will be graduating massage school in the next few months.  
I know in our business class this topic will be covered, however I wanted to get a start in developing one.  If you have any advice, or a template I can use to get started that would be great!   

I'm also interested in developing a student/mentor relationship with someone in the Austin, TX area.  I look forward to hearing from you!!

Thank you!

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Hi Jack,  I just saw your post.  It's been several days so I hope you find this reply.  I've attached the Business Plan Sample that we were given in school.  It provided the outline for the plans we put together.  Kudos for wanting to get started!  We had 4 months to put ours together; I had mine done 2 weeks ahead of time (I used to procrastinate something awful!).

I hope this is helpful to you!

I'm in Oklahoma so I'm a bit far to be a mentor - but hopefully someone will sign up for you!  I'm mentoring one of my clients who just started massage school - it's fun!


When you get to the section on finances and marketing, itemize EVERYTHING. Pull up, VistaPrint, New Life Systems, etc. and outline exactly what you could expect to pay for your supplies, your memberships, and other expenses. Figure out your budget for a year, as well as each month. Make a marketing calendar that outlines holidays to market to, when you're taking vacations and making less money, or whatever.

I would encourage you to build your business plan as a tool you can use post-graduation. Many of my classmates and I threw something together for the sake of a grade. Maybe half of my business plan was still useful after graduation -- I've had to go back and rework some sections.

Good luck!

Thanks for the outlines y'all!  I really appreciate the replies and advice.

You're welcome!  I'm glad you checked back and found it.  I hope it helps!

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