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Is anyone certified in canine massage? Or do you know of a good home study course to use. This is something I'd really like to do and the person I contract for is willing to split the cost if it isn't to exorbitant.

Please share experiences! I'm looking for all the information I can get!




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Are you sensitive with your hands? Have you had a dog as a pet? Read up on canine anatomy and pathology and get started. Dogs are easy, they are massage junkies. Mammals don't vary much as to massage needs and anatomy. Is there a reason you want to certify?

Check your state regualtions. In many states, animal massage can only be provided under the "supervision" of a vet.

This should be useful

Less than half of the states assign animal massage to veterinarians and some of those only require that the therapist do it under supervision of a veterinarian. That means they get to usel MTs like Chiropractors do in California. I hope you live/work in a sane state where it is allowed or unregulated.

Another way to avoid the scope of practice is to work for barter or donation rather than charging a fee. The laws only apply if you are doing it for business which in most states means a fee.

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