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Has anyone had it?  After 23 years as a massage therapist, I know that massage, acupuncture and yoga can help, but two months later, my finger are still numb.  So I'm actually considering surgery before it gets worse.  

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There is never any need for surgery. !!! Its a simple expansion of tissue......
Active and assisted isolated stretching techniques (Aaron Mattes), stretch techniques (Jim & Phil Wharton) and muscle release technique (Michael Young). Michael Young used these stretching techniques to rehabilitate his hands and forearms when he was diagnosed with CTS.

Key in this approach is that stretches, whether pinned or stroked muscles, last only for 2 seconds. I have added a soft contraction of the muscle(s) stretched about 2-3 seconds. Then repeat at least this 5-second cycle at least 12-15 times.

Active isolated stretching is a group here on massage professionals. You may want to post your concern about CTS there also.

In addition power icing, a technique described by Paul Ingraham

First find out where the inflamation is. It can occur at neck, shoulder, elbow or carpals They are all loosely referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrom. Usually because the surgery is easily approved and it takes testing to locate the spot.

I have worked on 14 people scheduled for surgery and all cancelled as not needed. Have the location found by a MT who knows this and follow the solution, get massages as it starts with tension.

Good luck and think twice or thrice about surgery as it doesn't stop the aggravation, it makes room for the swelling.
Thanks everyone. I've gotten an ENG (?) and the swelling is in the carpal tunnel, not stemming from the neck, shoulder or elbow, although I know these areas are affected as well. I am looking into the active isolated stretching and also kinesiotaping. Power icing sounds interesting. I'll check that out as well. Thanks for all the help.
I think it's an EMG or nerve study. Did the doc doing the study test your other non-involved side? Remember there are nine tunnels between the neck and wrist. While I have seen some success with the CTS release, I've also seen it not work well. Keep exploring non surgical methods, cold laser, accupuncture are a few that come to mind.
Good luck,
Jody H.
Both sides are involved and both sides were tested. I'm getting a copy of the report faxed to me today. The middle three fingers of both hands are numb. There is no pain or weakness involved. I'm seeing a hand specialist next week and want to go fully prepared.
Despite my best efforts, the numbness in the fingers has persisted for three months. I have been stretching, getting weekly massage focusing on the neck and upper body and self massage. I went to the hand specialist last week and he pointed out that the thenar eminence on both hands have begun to atrophy. Actually, on my right hand it is so far gone that there is almost an indentation. Once carpal tunnel is labeled as severe, then the muscles begin to weaken. I'm still at the moderate phase, but I've started to drop things and can't get jars open any longer. Sadly, surgery is beginning to look good. Does anyone have experience with performing massage after having carpal tunnel surgery?

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