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Anyone have any  history of massage with Chiari one malformation? It seems to be an interesting yet very painful condition and I believe would make for a very interesting discussion.

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I don't but my sister has the condition and was seeing an MT in conjunction w/ a Chiro in Plainfield, Il. Because she has 4 cervical disks herniated and a chiari 9mm putting pressure on her brainstem I advised her against anymore massage. I even went with her to see one of the 3 neurosurgeons in the country who treat the condition.
Bottom line is she said massage was hurting and although there maybe protocol hepful for this, I am not aware of it. Nor would I personally feel safe working with anyone who had 4 herniated disks in their cervical neck. We were taught in school that in cases like this the client needs to be cleared by het MD before beginning any soft tissue work. I will give her a call and see if she's gone back to the Chiro/MT and if so, what therapy they are providing.
I've worked with three Chiari patients. It's been a while since I've seen one. Let me try to answer your questions. One of the three( all female) had surgery to correct the malformation. She did very well after. The other two had multiple issues and used alternative and conventional medicine. I remember one patient who had terrible vertigo and vomiting. It is a rare condition and all three seemed to respond well to massage. I avoided any deep or prolonged work on the neck to stay safe. Hope this helps.
So far so good on the discussion! I have a client who has this condition and she (most actually tend to be female I found out) was cleared by her doctor for massage. So I was asked to do research on the subject to see if I felt comfortable enough to provide massage for her. Most people I have asked about it don't even know what it is!!! This is why I love massage because I love learning new things and new ways to help people. :-)
I've worked with several people with this condition. The first one, the doctor had already recommended surgery when she decided to seek out massage on her own. She got the relief she was looking for and never did have the surgery.

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