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Can anyone give advice on creating a solid business plan for Reiki? 
I don't know anyone that has an actual clinic/storefront that only does Reiki and various alternative energy healing methods. 

I realize that Massage is an essential part of energy work but I would like to find out if Reiki can be a stand alone business.  Any thoughts and comments are appreciated.


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Thank you for your time and effort. I will check into the places mentioned.
Back to the drawing board.
My thought is, if you are in an area open to energy work then I think you can make a stand alone business from just Reiki. I do both massage & Reiki out of my jewelry/new-age gift shop. So if one aspect is slow the other usually makes up for it. I know thats not the answer you are looking for, but I am happy with the combination of the two and find they work well together and on their own.

Best of luck to you!

Of course you can always use Reiki to help guide you in the right direction :)
Hi Nancy,

A lot of folks at this site have reiki practices and may be able to give you a better idea! Good luck with your quest!
Thank you to those who responded. I appreciate your input. I have used Reiki to guide me in this decision. That is why I am asking questions. :-)

I have given it a lot of thought and working on a business plan so it is one step of many to complete the task.

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