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Does anyone own an Electric Table? Ifso can you share your thoughts on it ,as well as what kind?
I am very interested in purchasing one>
Thank You

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I have an Oakworks Clodagh Virgo and I love it.

I have two observations though. The face cradle extension isn't great with the memory foam headrests we use on some clients and with the fleece pad on it and with the table being 6 inches of top I can't find decent linens to fit over it. I usually buy them from MW but the fitted sheet in the sets isn't deep enough really.

Small complaints in the big picture I know but when you pay upwards of $2k for a table you want it to be perfect!

Happy Tuesday. Just thought I 'd update this and add my latest success.  I have the GR Olympus electric table. About two months ago the up/down pedal would go down. I called the company, actually one man show doing a great job. I ordered the two switches. Well, I had to learn something. I needed to solder the wires. So, I purchased the torch and solder. Well, the wires were done. So another call, a trip to the electric store, more soldering and presto-it works! I think I saved $10.00 over buying a new pedal and now I have learned some new skills. I am a DIYer.

So, the moral is that if you buy a electric table, make sure you can fix stuff six years down the road. I'm still very pleased with my table.



I am in the process of researching what kind of electric massage table will work best for my practice. Has anyone ever used this brand. Any feed back would be appreciated.

Once you use an electric table, you will never want to go back to a fixed. My fixed table is stored for a spare. In Australia a leading brand of electric table is Athlegen, mine is great, not only for up/down adjustments (easy to raise & tilt slightly for legs), but also for angle and central lift enabling you to stretch the client if required.

They are AMAZING!!!! Great for different size clients at the push of a foot pedal or for when you are switching up between modalities.

They are AMAZING!!!!! Oak works and Earthlite! Did I mention how amazing they are? Your back will thank you for years to come!

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