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I am curious as to what type of essential oils you use in your practice??

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I like to use a blend call "respiration" on the removable face cradel. Just a drop on the underside. I find that this helps when the client is in the prone position.
Who makes the oil?? I used to use Young Living, but they are tooo expensive.
I am experimenting with new ones, and wondering what other therapists use. I have used Oshadhi also, and AuraCacia because I can get it locally, and cheap!!
Personally, any essential oil is ok to use... Yes Young Living is expensive.. Use what ever you feel comfortable with. I order mine from Massage
Essential oils are ok if you read the contraindicators. Some can't be used during pregnancy, some have toxic levels, some cause photosensitivity. Learn about toxic levels and which can be used neat without causing dermatitis. Aromatherapy isn't only about scents. It is plant medicine made from the aromatic oil of the plants as opposed to the herbiferous parts used in herbal medicine. Make sure you know how to use them.

Best to buy from companies that have lot #s on the bottle and country of origin.

Some people on the internet make blends without labels identifying the oils. Please avoid such vendors. Not only does it violate labelling laws but could expose your clients to allergies and other problems.

The brands vary in strength just as the source and species vary. Always buy using the scientific name so you know what you are getting and check what country it grows in. The location is important since the properties of the oil change depending on the minerals in the soil or how they are fertilized.

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