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Okay, Maine LMT's ...


I am based in Yarmouth and am starting to put some ideas together for the Every Body Deserves a Massage Week in July ... this may be something we can do together in our separate locations (ie. send out a press release to our local newspapers detailing the event and alternate locations around the state where massage is offered during this week) or possibly we could come together in some central location for a day, if that works out.  Either way, I think we would all benefit by coordinating together and being aware of each other's efforts. 


If you aren't familiar with the event, check out the materials offered at ABMP or read the writeup on page 16 in the most recent Massage & Bodywork Magazine It should be a great opportunity for exposure of your practice, as well as an opportunity to fundraise for local charities.  What's not to like?! 


I am envisioning a series of events that target different populations of massage recipients and reflect massage specializations.  The culminating Event would be smaller-scale than the Yarmouth Wellness Fair, which I helped to organize and actualize this year (its fifth year!), but hopefully a bit more widely publicized.  It will happen the week of July 18th-24th 2010.  Location and number of participants still to be determined.  Let me know if there are other massage therapists in your area that you would like to invite to be a part of this Event.  I'd like to get an email list going this month, so if you'd like to be on it, please send me your email for further communication.  I'm at  Please include:


1) the area your based in

2) your availability for the week of the 18th

3) whether you are able to travel

4) whether you have access to a portable massage table or chair

5) ideas for charities you'd like to support

6) ideas for target populations you'd like to work with (if applicable)


I think this event is a great opportunity to showcase the work we do and the profession we're committed to, so let me know if you'd like to be on board!  Thanks!


Be well,




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