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I am curious if any of you have every worked out a percentage rate of room  before? Let me explain. I'm looking into opening a second location in my area. I have someone who has a room available that I can operate out of. However I want to remain my own business as self employed. Since I will be new in the area I won't be able to swing the full rate for the rent of the room. The idea of her getting a percentage of every massage I do is on the table. However if I do all of my own advertising, supply all of my things, oils, etc etc and I'm only using the room itself, what would be a fair percentage to give her? Have any of you ever dealt with this sort of situation and if so what was the fair rate provided? Thank you for your input. 

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I don't think there's a generic answer to this as it would vary by location, size and quality of the building/room.  Consider what the flat rate for rent for the room would be and what you will be paying once you build a clientele.  If the amount you will be paying once your clientele is built seems unacceptably high, factor in that you will be paying considerably less when you begin and the person you are paying has no guarantee that you'll ever actually build a good clientele and even pay the flat rate amount.  I hope this helps.

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