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Why are we afraid of failure. Everyone who is successful at their career has had something(s) they failed at. We as MTs are no different. As an instructor I hear many students say they would like to work for themselves but when the opportunity presents itself they don't take it. Success for most will not come right away and I think that is part of the fear; the struggle. Some feel like they have fully commit to in the beginning. Even if you share space with someone, it is a start. Dont be afraid of going into the unknown you just may find a treasure. Even if you dont find a treasure on that venture atleast you will be prepared the next time you go out with the right tools to find your treasure. Dont be afraid to go out and get what you want even if you fall in the process just get up and keep going. But just dont think that you have to out spend a lot of money. I am sure there is someone out there willing to make a deal with you to help you get started in your career.

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