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Feedback on Massage Trigger Points iPhone App that helps work more effectively, efficiently and encourages repeat business


Need some feedback from the massage community today.

Over the years we have heard many new massage therapists express some common underlying frustrations early in their career. Two common ones are as follows:

1) Clients complain about pain in certain areas of the body and the therapists may not immediately know the cause as well as the muscle/tissue they need to work on in order to alleviate the pain.

2) It takes a long time (several years) to truly understand human anatomy and become familiar with the many pain points and relevant references / trigger points in the body.

Keeping these in mind, we decided to embark on a project a little over 6 months ago. We had been working hard for 6 months developing an iPhone app that has gone through several iterations. Apple finally approved it this week and it already sold 300+ copies on the first day. We are looking forward to all the feedback, good and bad, from the marketplace so that we can improvise and make this the best app of its kind.

The app is a collection of all the trigger points in the body. The massage therapist simply needs to point to the area of the body (there is a human body model) and the app takes them to the trigger point. This allows for a quick identification of the pain area and the referral patter and off to work can the therapist go.

Interested in your feedback on how to better improvise and help practitioners out there.

The app is on iTunes and it is called Muscle Trigger Points Massage Therapy and the link is below:

Would highly appreciate feedback from the community

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