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The e-mail address to contact ABMP for creating a listing is:  Thank you SO, SO much for your assistance.

Dear Members,

I would love to invite any practitioners using Flower Essence Therapy in their sessions to submit a request to AMBP to add FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY as a heading under our listing of modalities.

When I asked if it would be possible to add this heading to our offerings, I was advised by a very helpful associate at ABMP that the rule is they need 50 requests before a modality heading can be added to the list.

I am hoping, through this post, to interest at minimum of 50 practitioners using Flower Essence Therapy in their practice to submit a request so that we may have another viable avenue of getting the word out about this very powerful therapeutic option using our awesome tools available through our ABMP memberships.

I use Flower Essence Therapy very frequently as a support for bodywork sessions and almost as often as a stand alone modality.  As anyone who works with the essences already knows, it is a gentle, powerful, efficient, inexpensive way to support ourselves and our clients in our collective healing practices.

Below is the response I received from the ABMP associate (for your general information) which outlines the one simple step we would need to take in order to make a new heading for Flower Essence Therapy a reality.  I most certainly welcome any comments, suggestions or discussion on this topic.

Many gentle blessings to all

Very best

Bernita Wilson, LMT, CBT

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi Bernita, I’m sure we have a number of our members practicing it however until we receive a minimum of  50 requests to add to the modalities list then this cannot be added as an advertised modality. We have a pretty active online networking community at and if this is something you want to head up, I can suggest that maybe you utilize one of the forums to gather a group of 50 current ABMP members to send an email to Katie Armitage at who will gladly add once we have the required amount of request.

The modality sounds quite lovely so best of luck! J


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Bernita.  Did she include Katie's email address?  I checked on the website and do not see one listed for her individually.

I'm happy to send in a request.

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