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Free Used and Clean- 7 handmade fleece handmade face cradle covers, to good home in the USA (no charge on shipping) ---- but, if you are outside of the USA, and it's not too expensive, I am willing to see if I can ship them to you as well.

I made these years ago.  They are still good, but I use smoothies now and have about 20, so don't need them and want to send them to someone who can use them. 

It may not seem useful to have hand-me-down's, but there were plenty of times in my years, that I needed these as back-ups (on a day I didn't want to carry a load into the office, on a day I didn't get the wash dry in time for work, on a day I didn't do the regular wash at all!).

Original post at BWOL:

Contact me and lets see if I can get them on to you.  :)

These are large enough to fit a very deep face cradle (last I checked they fit a Boiance) or a face cradle with extra fluff (such as a fleece cover) on it.

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if you still have the face cradle covers I am interested in them.  If not, all is well.

Great!  I'll send you a friend request, and you can accept me, and pass along the address you'd like them mailed to.  :)

Hi! I am looking for a 5 bottle electric massage bottle heater. I searched the Internet, I found only one source but they all are out of stock. I wonder if anyone would like to sell me her/his spare one or old one? It seems like they are going out of fashion.
Thank you!

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