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what a shame. I dont need all the bells and whistles of the paid service.

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Hi Paul,
While it looks like GenBook is going to be committing resources to their paid-for product and making it really good, I know what you mean about the bells and whistles. You may want to look at these other options: Free online booking. This one has a "Book Now" button very similar to GenBook. Free for first 10 online bookings.

If you do end up using one of these options, let us know your thoughts and if you'd recommend it to others.
Hi Paul,

I don't recommend to use a free software because sooner or later they will need to earn some money - so cheap will be expensive some day (unless it's Google).

You should look up for a good affordable software, such as: - 90 days free / 9.95$ - 30 days free / 39$

I use free with lots of bells and whistles

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