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Highlighting Massage Therapy in CIM Research - who's going?

The agenda for the MT in CIM Research conference looks fantastic.  I'm wondering who's going.

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I will be there :) I know there are a few others from here who will be there as well. Can't wait, just over a month to go!!
I take it you'll be there, Don? The line up does look pretty awesome, doesn't it?

I'm going. I just hope to gawd it doesn't turn out to be a disaster since I'm looking forward to it so much. I need to start saying " might be OK" because if I build something up too much, then it's sometimes a flop, whereas things that I'm not really looking forward to sometimes turn out to be brilliant.
So basically I need a lobotomy or something BECAUSE I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.
I need to stop that.
This year I can only listen (& drool a little, maybe) and look forward to reading the afterglow from all of you on this site ~ please! Perhaps next time around for me...
The conference hotel says they've got free internet access in public areas (although it might be just for guests, I'm staying in a cheaper hotel nearby), so I'll have my Jurassic era laptop along with me and I'll write about it while I'm there if they let non-guests use it.

That is, if my brain can handle it. It might be too saturated in new information that I might forget all about it.

Hopefully other people plan on writing about their experiences too. It's always interesting to see different perspectives on conferences.
I'll be there since it is only a block away from my office. There is a Tully's coffee right across the street if your internet room connection doesn't work (but it should).

I would also love to meet up with people and have maybe a massageprofessionals/facebook meet and greet or something?

If anyone needs any help with travel and places to go - let me know!


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