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I am on a mission to make my own. I have seen several recipes on the net. But based off what I see there are no yields as to how much the recipe will make. But that isnt my concern, my main concern is is one oil better than the other in the process of making creme?

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Something stable such as Jojoba is going to be your best bet. Coconut and Sunflower oils are other options. Adding Vit E or Rosemary extract will help with rancidity/oxidation issues.
Marissa is correct.  Another base oil that is very popular is Soy but some clients may be allergic to it and it can be a very heavy and sticky oil.  Avoid Grapeseed oil like the plague as it will go rancid and get in your sheets very quickly.  What type of massage do you do?  Deep Tissue?  Swedish, stone.  That will be important for you too for deciding what you want.
i am a DT man. I really HATE doing swedish. I work with a lot of athletes and active people.
So you need something that won't absorb quickly.  I would blend Jojoba, coconut and shea butter together.

Have you thought about making a salve instead of a cream? Enough slip not to drag the skin and enough grip in order to stay where you need to. A little goes a long way. The above blend with a little added beeswax or candelilia wax would work well.

Ohh!  Marissa good call.  If you have never used beeswax before it can be tricky to mix in but has amazing results.  Marissa, do you have a suggestion on how much of each he should use?  I have not been successful using beeswax but our Daisy Blue Naturals line uses it and we love that.

Honestly, salve or cream, it really doesnt matter. I am trying to make something that works and saves me a few dollars. How his beeswax tricky?

I always melt it and then when I add it to the mix it gets hard and clumpy like little beads.  If Marissa has any tips on this one I am all ears too.  If I put too much in or what?

To make a 4 ounce salve (using MG's blend), this would be my suggestion:

1 ounce beeswax (candelilia for vegans)

1 ounce shea butter

1 1/2 ounces of coconut oil

1/2 ounce Jojoba

1/2 tsp. VIT E

25-75 drops essential oil blend, if desired (go by the nose on this one, but be mindful that EOs activate with warmth of skin when applied)


If you have a double boiler, great, if not: place a glass measuring cup in a pan of simmering water. Add wax and heat gently until melted. Add shea butter and stir (popsicle sticks work great) until just melted. Add remaining ingredients off of heat. Wax and butter should be warm enough to blend with other ingredients. Pour and cool completely. If a thicker salve is desired, re-melt and add more wax. There will be a "waxy" top on the product. Just dig in, using an applicator of sorts to avoid contamination, warm in hands and enjoy!

This is how I make all my products, with fantastic results. The formula allows a great glide to warm up the tissue and then keeps you where you need to be for deeper work. I will urge you to use the purest ingredients you can find/afford, because this is lasting on the skin. Ultra hydrating and nourishing, it will stay at least 2 days on your client's skin. When you get more comfortable with this formula, you can start experimenting with different oils and butters!


Sweet!  Now I want to make this salve.  LOL  Great teamwork.

Have a happy 4th guys.


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