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Hooray for Harkin! Senators seek coverage for "alternative" therapies

This morning's front page news in the Boston Globe in MA is that Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat is at the forefront to "win" (quotes are mine) insurance coverage for alternative therapies as part of the national healthcare legislation. In our state, naturopaths are seeking licensure. What are your thoughts on this? What does that mean for us? Acupuncturists in our state are somewhat covered by insurance, and as a result the frequency of visits, and amount that the patient pays are now regulated under the different plans. (some insurance providers offer more visits than others). The controversy builds with some medical practitioners being quoted that alternative methods are not proven to work, while others refer often to our practices. I work in a health services of a university, and often am working in concert with the medical and mental health staff. (my director is also the director of the complementary medicine practice at a large cancer treatment hospital) Some of what was discussed in the article was also about how large studies are costly, and pharmaceutical companies fund some of the current research (conflict of interest???). Are you in favor of massage being included in the coming universal healthcare initiative?

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