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Recently, I have had many instructors contact me with concerns that classes are not meeting minimums and/or schools are canceling the course.

While I know the economy may be part of this, there are also many more instructors offering classes nowadays.

Personally, I have had to drop my minimums, offer early registration discounts, network everywhere I can, etc.

What suggestions do you have to help our colleagues get their courses attended well?
Thank you, Gloria Coppola

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I remember when I was the Chair of the AMTA Pensacola Unit and we would have our meetings at a local school. I saw three different instructors come in, put their flyer/business card on the board and just leave. No one saw them come or go but me. So no one knew about the class. The flyers had so much on them they looked like a chromosome chain instead of an invite.

Suggestions: for the flyer; it is meant to attract and give contact info. not explain the entire modality. Is it bright, cheerful and draws people to it? Those that have the phone no.s tear-offs draw too. Just remember to tear the first one off, as it brings others.

When dropping off the flyer; press some flesh! Let the secretary/receptionist know you are there, how much you appreciate them allowing your poster and letting her know about the class so she can help fill it. She is important to your success.

It is not all about your massage, getting clients to your table. You need the skills to keep them, but work on your skills to get students to your class the same way. Even the big names, work their schedule non stop. So don't get dishearted, keep at it and "Keep the Faith!"

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