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AMBP or AMTA-Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on who offers better coverage.
 Time for me to renew and I would like to hear how you feel about it, your experiences
that make you lean towards the company you have chosen .I would appreciate your feed back.
Thank you,Emma

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I did not like AMTA. Though the insurance plans are similar...dues differ slightly....I did not like some of the stances AMTA had towards different things. I did not like their customer service (imo there was very little). I did not like the fact that if your state had a local AMTA chapter, you had to pay dues and join. For instance, Utah has an AMTA chapter. I could not belong to AMTA without also paying dues to be in the chapter, whether I wanted to or not...and I didn't cause our chapter was/is a train wreck. The dues were not a large amount, but the principal of it was. I like ABMP's website and interactive the newsletter. Plus the customer service is outstanding. Just my experience with both.
Thanks for your answers.Sounds to me like I will stick with AMBP.
Yeah..our local AMTA chapter liked to give away free chair massage to the politicians on the hill cause they deserved it for their hard work and it gave massage a presence for when bills came up regarding our industry.. I dislike giving away free chair massage to anyone,,,,certain charities the exception....most of all to politicians.

Terry Capuano said:
Hi Emma -
I joined ABMP a long time ago and have stayed with them as I like the services they offer me. One area the ABMP lacks in is presence in my state. The AMTA in Indiana has a yearly conference that I have attended as they offer great training classes and they produce/promote continuing educations classes throughout the state year round. They began a campaign to give free chair massages to our state officials yearly (pre-licensing). They have a good web-site and anytime I have attended one of their functions they have been very welcoming - they didn't care that I am a ABMP member. I will stay with ABMP - but my wish list would include more involvement on their part locally - as well as nationally.
I will say I enjoyed just one of AMTA's state conventions...cause they brought in Joe Muscolino for one of the CE classes. The rest of the convention was a sham.
I've been with AMTA since I graduated and I love them. I love the chapter I belong to (MA), I like that they offer discounted continuing ed classes, I love the conventions. To those who don't like the chapter dues- I can see if you are not active in your chapter or care about sponsered events or getting discounted CEUs that it might not be worth paying, but to me the yearly membership and chapter fees are more than worth what I get in return. I'm pretty actively involved with the MA chapter, even from where I am in Wisconsin now (I currently have a research column in the newsletter, and before I came to WI I served on the New England Regional Conference planning committee, organized an event for NMTAW, etc). I'll admit I don't know a lot about ABMP, but I'm pretty loyal to AMTA and don't see that changing in the future. JMHO! :)

ETA- All of the state boards (AMTA) are voted in positions, and many of the fees and events are voted on as well. You DO have a say in how your money is spent if you take the time to attend the annual budget and planning meeting and vote for who you want to sit on the board. All meetings are open to any members who wish to attend and voice their opinions.
Our AMTA chapter was a joke. I didn't participate in it cause I did not like ANY of our officers save one...and he left for the same reasons. They were incompetent and ran their office as a country club, not adhering to rules or even ethics. The lone officer attempted may times to notify the national office about the chapter but finally decided nothing would ever be done. So he resigned. And yet I was being asked to contribute my dues for more of the same.

I've been on the board of national organizations and ran local chapters before and I know the difference in a good one and a bad one and the difference between being a good teammate and a bad one. To me, sometimes it's not about the price. It's about the whole pie. Their stance on some massage issues and lack of customer service was a big deal to me and just contributed to my overall disatisfaction.

If you have a good thing going with AMTA...great. I didn't and now I'm with ABMP.
Your experience with AMTA is unfortunate. If you don't mind my asking, what state was that and what was the time period?

You have mentioned this next part more than once now- their stance on massage issues- and I'm just wondering if you can elaborate on that. I'm not trying to argue with it, just genuinely curious.

Choice Kinchen said:
Their stance on some massage issues and lack of customer service was a big deal to me and just contributed to my overall disatisfaction.

If you have a good thing going with AMTA...great. I didn't and now I'm with ABMP.

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