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I have several interviews coming up and one of places wants you to have a following. I don't. All the places I've been employed have contracts where I can't take clients from them. If the clients from those locations find me it's ok but I can't actively pursue them. How do I handle this during the interview process? Every place else I have worked you didn't need to bring a book of clients. 

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I think what this means is that they don't want to be responsible for finding you clients. Perhaps you can be proactive and create a marketing plan and show the prospective employer that you know how to get clients or at least have a plan for it. I don't what type of place you are interviewing for but I'm sure if you are confident and can convince them you are able to get clients and even bring them clients making it a benefit for them to hire you, you will do fine. You could bring in references from other people in your life preferably not relatives that have received bodywork from you as well.


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