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Hi all, sorry to post such a personal and selfish post...but I am looking for some feedback from fellow MT's. My name is Evan and I'm 26, living near Detroit, MI. I received my training at Irene's Myomassology Institute and graduated in 2010. So far, in Michigan I have not had much success as a massage therapist, but ironically I have helped a good amount of people in my social group. I began to work part time in a nice, secure position for my fathers company selling lighting and while it is a good career to fall into...I don't feel fulfilled at the end of the day as I do after even just one bodywork session. 

Anyway, to get to my point, I was considering relocating to Denver, CO to try to find a MT job after I pass my nationals...I have good friends who've settled there and I visited in 2009 and loved it. Coming from Detroit it is like heaven on earth! Its such a risk though- I could lose a solid office job and a really good deal on an awesome condo here in MI...but I don't know if I want that. I can visualize myself being very successful in I am VERY good, but most people here are turned away from a male doing massage. I'm very approachable and non-threatening, so I don't really understand this. However perhaps in Denver people are more health conscious. It seems like everyplace in MIchigan only hires males for a few days per week, or on call.....which is kind of sexual discrimination if you ask me.

Essentially, my question is- what does the job market in Denver look like for MT's, and do you think that as a male I will have more success there? 


Thank you all in advance for any feedback. Be well!

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Evan I think that any time you are a minority in a field whether it's massage or mechanic, it's just a bit more difficult but that should not be any surprise to you. Regardless of your gender it takes time to break into this field and be successful. Wherever you decide to start your career be patient, keep good work ethics, be honest and true to yourself. The rest works its self out. 

I do think that Colorado is more open to healthy living so once you get to know some folks, they'll spread the word about how much better they feel after seeing you. Clients are your best mouthpiece. But it takes time and commitment to it. Network your butt off too. Get involved in chambers of commerce or local business folks. That's usually a good start or try a sport that you like, join one team or group and go from there.

I wish you all the best!!!

Hi Evan - my husband and I live in Aurora, which is a suburb of Denver.  We are both massage therapists.  I work from home, something he cannot do.  It is difficult, even in Denver, for people to trust enough to go to the house of a male therapist.  My husband works for 2 physical therapy offices and he loves it.  He has found that the market accepts males in positions where therapy is emphasized.  At times, people in fitness centers or physical therapy offices prefer men, because typically trainers and doctors are male.  I would try those two options.  I go to spas here and there and can report that many men still have problems with "no-male" requests.

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