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Just curious how many people here have any experience doing lymph drainage massage or if they practice it regularly with clients.

The whole thing is something I'm finding very interesting. My professor talks a lot about it and we'll be learning how to do it in the last module of the course. Apparently it's a really long, complex procedure. I'm really looking forward to learning how to do it, perfecting it, and incorporating it into my therapy, carve myself a sort of niche with it. Don't know how well it is searched for by clients but I'm sure it is something that can lend itself to being promoted.

In the meantime I keep thinking about the lymphatic system and how it relates to the circulatory system, relying on it to move the lymph. He's got me hooked on doing breathing exercises to really get my circulatory system pulsing nicely and in turn get the lymph flowing, since it seems I've got a bit of buildup of it. It's amazing how deficient my normal breathing is. lol.

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I have taken Lymphatic Drainage 1 (Chickly Institute).  It's different than Lymph massage, but I don't know how to tell you the difference because I'm not familiar enough with Lymph massage.  I find it fascinating and very useful for my clients.  I have a Vietnam veteran who had been having horrible leg cramps for 30 years; after the first LDT session in mid-June they went away.  He's had a grand total of one "bad" cramp since then, and it was nothing like he used to get.  So I say, learn away!  You won't regret it.

There are lots of ways you can promote it - excellent for the face, liver, lots and lots of abdominal issues, muscle cramps, etc.  

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