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I had a contest for a free massage. (I needed new clients.) The woman who won was so excited in her email. She made an appointment and I saw her that same week.
When she came in I was taken aback (not visibly, that would have been rude). She is my first obese client.

I have been practicing massage for two years and have never experienced anything like what I experienced. I could barely feel her muscles under all the weight. Her bones weren't where they should have been. Her hips, especially were "off". There was too much to work on in just one hour. Too much to address.

She scheduled another appointment, because she loved my work, but I need help.

I got a sense of where her bones are (they are spread out to accommodate her weight), but the muscle that is giving her problems is her illiopsoas. I know where it IS, but was unable to palpate it. If I press harder, will the pressure on her fat and organs hurt her, will they yield (I know it may take several minutes to get to it with her)? All I was able to do was give her a Swedish massage and show her a stretch to help with the illiopsoas. I have worked the same muscle on previous clients, but I need to know if I have to do anything different with her. I have already received some very good advice regarding this.

My second concern is draping. I think I will need to get bigger sheets just for her. And I really hope she finds this unoffensive.

Third concern was my table. I knew it wouldn't support her, so I dropped it down to the floor (thank goodness for shiatsu cables). Is there something out there that would accommodate her and my pocketbook?

Any suggestions, advice or stories from your own clients would be MOST appreciated.

Her review:
"I won Crystal's contest for the free massage, so that was our first time meeting. Crystal made me feel comfortable right away, was so kind and respectful, and the massage was WONDERFUL!!

Thank you so much! I'll be back, and I'll bring friends :-D"

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Personally, I use an Oakworks table. It holds 600 pounds and I haven't had any problems with it. The problem was with the clinic's table.

I have offered to do outcalls, but she is more comfortable in the clinic.

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