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     Simply hoping to better understand what Erik Daltons work is all about. Reading his ads and choice of names regarding myoskeletal alignment I'm not sure I really understand the differance.

     I have a choice to make soon regarding school. My current status in Massage therapy is limited to working with horses ( I trained at a school which does primarily humans but also has an equine massage therapy program for certification not licensure) and I would have to go to the full massage school for human work.   PTA licensure would be roughly 3 years away due to academic schedules. 

     My ultimate goal is working with Physical therapists involved with hippotherapy and sports programs. Basically horse related therapy programs for wounded vets and other handicapped persons, children or adults and professional equestrian riders and teams.


     Any suggestions? 

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Thanks for the links particular the one regarding equine assisted psychotherapy.

      Rereading my question regarding Erik Daltons work, I should ask what is the differance between his work and the work of a physical therapist assistant or even that of a Physical therapist, as it would appear they both have to use a lot of diagnostic tools to develope your treatment strategy regarding individual clients. 

      To refine the question a bit further, when it comes to career choices where would you place massage therapist and physical therapist skill and knowledge requirements in relationship to a clinical setting? I guess part of this question has to do with few if any colleges include degrees in massage therapy, and as a result massage therapy doesn't get the academic recognition it deserves.    

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